Bride Gets Pranked By The Groom – It’s Something You Will Enjoy Watching!

So there’s this guy, Stuart, and there’s his brother, Robert. Now these two siblings are just hilarious. They love pulling pranks on each other, and that’s actually part of the cuteness that had Vicky falling head over heels in love with Stuart. Such a nice guy!

Then time came, and Stuart’s wedding with Vicky drew near. Stuart was always pulling pranks on people, and this time, he wasn’t going to let his greatest day slide by without cracking a few people’s ribs. The team? The vicar was in!

So the wedding is going on so well, and then comes that time when the bride and groom have to fish out the rings. Well, let’s just say that Stuart had forgotten the rings at home! And then the Vicar said that the wedding couldn’t proceed without those two precious little jewels. Action? The groom bolted out of the church to go home and get the rings, leaving the bride and the best man stranded at the altar. Everyone’s jaws dropped in surprise, but then something else happened. A screen dropped and showed a video that got everyone falling to the floor with laughter. You should see the bride’s and Robert’s reaction!

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