Bride Is Told By Groom To Turn Around, What She Saw Next Made Her Cry

Teachers have a special calling. Teachers are patient and loving, and they are like family to the students. Meet Liz. Liz is not your ordinary teacher, and her students had a special surprise for her on her wedding day. Liz is a dance, and musical theater teacher and her students adore her. Her fiancée, Ollie, and the kids had a special surprise in store for the lovely bride.



Lizzie and Ollie stand while facing the altar. They hear a commotion at the back, and it draws everyone’s attention. Liz appears not to notice anything till Ollie shows her. Liz turns behind and burst into tears.



Liz spots her students, and they are singing for her.


The children sing “A Thousand Years” by Christina  Perri, and their little voices mesmerize the crowd.


Ollie planned the surprise together with Jaren, and the little gesture meant the world to the kind-hearted teacher.

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