Bullies Called Her The Ugliest In The Whole Universe! Her Response? What An Answer!

At some stage in life, we have been victims of insults. While some of us just assume not to have heard, there are those who are disturbed with stubborn bullying and it’s very disappointing.

Meet Lizzie Velasquez who is suffering from a situation that doesn’t allow her put on some weight. Her actual weight is 64 pounds though she has zero body fats on her. She has a weak immune system even that her condition is not that serious.

Due to her disorder, she appears to be different from the others, which makes her to be constantly bullied. When one appears to be unique, he is likely to be prone to bullying.

Lizzie’s video was uploaded on YouTube when she was still in high school. The duration of the video was 8 seconds and the heading read that she was the ugliest woman in the world. The clip managed to have over 4 million views and some hundreds of remarks that were negative.

One of the remarks read that her parents would have thrown her away, while the other said that it was better for her to finish her life. To respond to the bullies that uploaded the clip, in 2014, she stood in front of a multitude of people and gave a strong speech.

Watch Lizzie’s powerful speech in the video below and make sure to SHARE her triumphant story so that every bullied person knows they are so much more than a few negative comments made by unenlightened people. with all your friends on Facebook!

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