Bus Driver Left His Seat And Scolded The Passengers, Don’t You Think They Deserved It?

There are things that happen and which many people do not give a second thought to, even though they should. Such was the case with the mother in the video below. She had a baby in her arms when she boarded a bus. The bus was already full, so if she was going to sit down, someone had to give up his or her sit. That is where things took a twist, no one was willing to stand up and give a seat. The driver saw this and he just could not drive away with a bus full of people comfortably sitting while a nursing mother was standing.

It seems that no one else in the bus knew the risk they were willing to let this mom and her baby go through. The bus driver therefore did what any responsible driver does; he got up and scolded the passengers for letting the woman stand instead of giving her a seat. This was really a great move on his part. What do you think?

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