Can You Believe He Used A Feather And A Match To Make A Dove Appear? Real Magic!

If you watched Britain’s Got Talent, you would remember the magician who created a dove using a feather and a match.

Darcy Oake is the man behind the dove illusion performance. The 26-year old has received international recognition. Even before attaining the legal age, Oake was a household name in Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Darcy has performed throughout North America to London to Paris.

What is Darcy’s magic specialty? Illusions and hand slights are his forte. Since he was young, Oake was passionate about magic. In his interview on the show, Darcy said that his dad inspired him. His father would play with cards and ask him to pick one. His father would then pull out the card and show Oake.   That was all the inspiration he needed.

The young performer was eager to make a name for himself, and he practiced his entire life. His dream was to audition for the prestigious British Got Talent show. According to Oake, the show is the biggest talent show globally. If all went well at the auditions, his life would change for the better.

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