Can You Imagine Your Father Lying To You? This One Does. The Reason? So Heartwarming!

Only parents know how hard it can be raising a child. The love and care children need to be happy is not defined by the amount of money we have as parent – but by the kind of sacrifices for our kids! You know you have to get school supplies, diapers, clothes and many more to ensure the needs of a kid. What if you are on a limited income and you want your child to be fully satisfied?

As revealed in a report done by The Women’s Legal Defense, most single mother families live on $25,000 as their average income. Some of us grew in families where you always wonder the kind of sacrifices the parents had to make to ensure we had quality lives. Sometimes it’s really miraculous we made it this far!

This heartwarming ad was put across by the MetLife Hong Kong. It’s about a daughter who realizes the kind of sacrifices her father makes to ensure she is comfortable. I couldn’t resist shedding tears when she discovered all that. She appreciates her father and the bond between the two grows stronger!

Do you come from a family that makes similar sacrifices? Have you ever known someone or have you ever done it?

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