Cancer Took The Life Of This 8-Year-Old’s Mom, So She Did This To Remember Her… WHOA!

For an 8-year-old who just lost her mother, it’s only fair to say that little Rhema Marvanne could well be the strongest kid you’ve ever heard of. On top of that, she has one heck of a talent, and she isn’t planning on wasting it!

At such a young age, Rhema lost her mom to a fierce case of ovarian cancer. While losing her mom pains her so much, Rhema admits that she always feels her mom’s presence whenever she sings. To make it better, she loves singing gospel songs that lift the spirit!

Rhema may be a kid, but she knows exactly what the Bible says about singing, and that’s where she draws her strength and bares all her vocal talent in singing. By the time you get to the end of this video, you’ll be nodding to that.

You see, not only does she love music, but Rhema also has an insatiable desire to praise her God. From what she’s read from the Bible, she knows that worshiping the Lord through songs has great impact, and she counts on that!

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