Car Camera Films As This Patrol Officer Helps An Injured Victim In An Accident!

There are some jobs that are very demanding and require one to fully commit himself or herself. An example is when one becomes a traffic patrol officer. This kind of work needs full devotion to it.

In the following video, we meet Eric Devers, a Highway Patrol Trooper at Ohio State. One day, when he received some information that an accident had taken place. He had no time to waste but sprang into action and went to the scene. On reaching there, he noted that he was the first at the accident scene, so it was his duty to observe the place carefully, and determine the grade of the accident, also if there were injured victims. While inspecting, he was shocked to find out that one of the accident victims needed some urgent attention.

Within a fraction of a second, he had to do something that could save this guy’s life. Watch this video below to find out what he did to save this victim’s life.

On August 13, 2015, Patrol Trooper Devers was awarded a certificate of recognition for having saved a life. Is it not true that our roads will be safer and there will be less accidents, if there were more people like this officer at the roads? What are your thought? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. Please SHARE this touching clip with all on Facebook!

Source: Dash cam captures moment heroic officer saves life by rumblestaff on Rumble

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