Child Suffering From Asperger’s Syndrome Interacts With A Prisoner, The Motive? I’m Speechless!

Zachary Tucker is a child who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. This condition makes it difficult for kids to socialize with other children. At school, he never accepted anyone to touch him and he would cry frequently.

After exhausting all the possible solutions, Zachary’s parents, Arthur and Susy Tucker, opted for a strange way to save their child, by introducing him to a prisoner.

The couple took their kid to a Colorado prison where he was to socialize with a prisoner who in 1998 was sentenced to 48 years after he was charged of a second-degree murder.

Although this may seem bizarre, Vogt is a prisoner who utilizes his sentence to do positive things. He is a member of a program named Colorado Cell Dogs, which comprises of prisoners that train rescued dogs to become Service dogs for those people who are deaf and blind. Apart from the training, Vogt had read the books which helped him in learning to train dogs for children like Zachary who had autism.

Actually in the clip below, we witness Zachary socializing with a dog that Vogt had trained, and also an improvement is noted as evidenced in 1:3 mark. With tears in his eyes, Vogt said that that it was the work he did which bears results, as children like Zachary and the rest who work with him never consider him as a murderer.

Watch the clip below to see the importance of a service dog, and please SHARE this amazing clip in honor of these prisoners who are doing an excellent work!

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