Children Beg Their Bus Driver To Stop. The Reason? You’ll Be Upset When You Discover Why!

When we let our children use the school bus, we always risk their lives in the hands of people we don’t know. We just feel comfortable with the fact that these drivers are trained professionals. In our case, things are quite different. The situation in this video is what parents would never expect their kids to be involved.

This bus driver took a frightening turn while she was taking the kids home. This incident happened in Allegany County- Alfred-Almond school district. The surveillance footage proves that the students were freaking out, and they decided to draw their attention to the bus driver. A student is heard shouting, “put on the brake.” It was very upsetting to discover that the driver was drunk.

Martha Thompson, a 50 year-old woman was the driver and was reported to have an alcohol content of .15 in her blood during this incident. In this clip, you will hear Martha shouting back to the kids and telling them to stop making noise. One of the students tells her that she is not okay. The bus sped afterwards, knocked a mailbox and rolled backwards.

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