Cincinnati Dance Group Drives The Audience Crazy When Celine Dion’s Song Starts To Play

When this video of dancers from Cincinnati, OH, which features small girls in wheelchairs was posted on the internet, it surely had to become popular.

The clip was shot at Seton High School where this dance group by the name of Revere Dance Studio’s Wonders on Wheels was jiggling to the song which the choreography was made by Tracey Burgoon.

When they were performing the dance, the dancers in black costume were the ones directing the wheelchair girls on stage. At the 2:40 mark, the audience could not hold their applauses when these dancers did a wonderful dance routine.

This clip was also shared on Facebook by Rachel Wink, who basically knows all the dancers of the group. She went ahead to explain why the group had chosen to dance to the song “Titanic.” The clip managed to be shared more than 78,000 times from the rime it was posted.

The explanation she gave as to why they danced to the song is that the group had lost one of the dancers recently called Katie Boyle, who loved Celine Dion. This made them dance to her song as a way of paying tribute to her.

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