Client Contracts A Construction Firm To Remodel His Home, What They Do? I Need The Same Remodeling For My House Too!

Time surely has the final answer, and this is what the client of Craig Heffernan had to conclude when he saw that his home needed an urgent remodeling.

Heffernan Construction had the obligation of meeting the client’s desires of totally renovating the out dated kitchen to a decent one, and also to build a new room at the house.

On the 11th of Nov. 2014, Heffernan uploaded the clip of the kitchen remodeling and room construction on his YouTube channel. The construction starts by the digging of the 4 feet foundation at the front yard, followed by the construction of the concrete footing with the 8-inch concrete blocks. After this, they started building the walls for the room to be seen.
All goes well till when they are supposed to replace the roof. While taking of the old roof, they discovered that the house’ attic was the home of very many bats. Here is where Heffernan uses humor in the clip. He edits the clip and goes ahead to nickname the bats, all this to get the message that the owner had really decided to add an extra room

Once the room was created and the new roof replaced, Heffernan had to remodel the interior by starting with the kitchen. He replaced the old tiles with the granite ones, the old drawers too were replaced with the new ones. Finally they put a tile floor and left the kitchen shinning with the latest appliances.

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