Contestant Wins $20,000 On The TV Show, But His Reaction Makes Steve Discover Something Stunning

We all know Steve Harvey for his loving personality and philanthropic actions. He is indeed one of the remarkable television hosts we have.

In 2010, Steve was hosting a classic game show named Family Feud when he met one determined contestant. The contestant was desperate to win. When Steve heard his reason, it made perfect sense.

After playing Family Feud for three days, the contestant did not win anything. Steve noticed something was amiss since the man was nervous and sweating profusely.

Lady Luck visited the contestant, and he won $20,000. He fell on his knees and cried uncontrollably.

Steve spoke to the man during the commercial break. Steve learned that the man was terminally ill and he had three months to love. Thanks to his illness, and lack of insurance, he feared for the future of his family.

The contestant’s predicament explained his extreme reaction. Steve offered something that the doctors could not. He gave the man a reason to fight for another day. To see what Steve did, watch the video below.

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