Cop Hears A Strange Voice In An Accident Scene. What Happened Next Is A True Miracle!

There are some situations that can are considered to be extraordinary. One of them is the story below, from ABC, whereby a little girl was able to come out alive from an accident.

A fisherman spotted a car in an upside down position in the Spanish Fork river, which is situated outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. He contacted 911 for help. According to the firefighters who arrived at the scene, the possibility of anyone coming out alive was nil because the car had been in the water for some hours. Surprisingly, a voice was heard yelling for help. Tyler, a cop, thought that he was dreaming, but the other officers too heard the voice of a young woman crying saying that she and another person needed help.

The woman named Jennifer Grosbaek, aged 25 years was inside the overturned car. She never made it but when they turned the car, they found out that a baby was at the backseat. The straps were the ones that had helped her not to be submerged with the water.

The baby was there for about 14 hours and luckily she was alive. She was rushed to the nearest hospital to recover. Lily’s beloved family was more than grateful for having saved the baby

What a bittersweet story of a mum who dies but her child is rescued in an extraordinary manner.

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