Cop Stops Him For Driving Under Influence, Now Watch His Next Move.. I’m Baffled!

The good thing about officers is that they work day and night to ensure public safety, and that’s why on this one day, Blayk Puckett was pulled over. Apparently, the young guy, a student of University of Central Arkansas, was driving like a drunken person.

When Sgt. Keith McKay talked to Blayk, no one expected to find out that this man was actually sober. In fact, they had to make him step out of the car and give him a sobriety test. That’s when Blayk told them that he was actually a juggler and magician. You can imagine how funny that sounded to the officers. They cracked up like crazy!

To make himself look more serious, the guy pulled out some juggling clubs from his car and started something that’s left the officers with gaping mouths. This is too good!

This video captures exactly what happened on that great night, and you can be sure it’s going to be a blast. This video is already breaking the internet with everyone looking for it. You might want to watch this and get amazed.

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