Cop Went To Visit One Lonely Old Man, But The Look Of His Hair Made Him Do This… Heart-Warming!

Cops maybe be law enforcers, but they too have big hearts. This has been proven many times, and now Sgt. Jon Sterling is giving us something more to smile about.

It all started one day when Jon went out to respond to a call by an old man. While at it, the two engaged in a conversation, and he learned that Norm was a military veteran who had fought in the Korean War. They became instant friends. The bond strengthened over many years. Cool!

However, Jon didn’t expect to drive past his friend’s and see what he saw one day. On this fateful day, he saw people gathered at Norm’s, so he went over to check on his old friend. He needed to make sure he was okay. Then he saw him!

Norm had grown weak, fragile, thin, and with long hair and beard. Apparently, the old friend was suffering from dementia, and he didn’t have any family members close by to take care of him. That’s when Jon did it!

You need to watch this clip and see what the cop did that’s now viral.

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