Cops And Firemen Team Up To Do This, And It’s Going Viral!

“Uptown Funk.”

That’s the one song that has got more than 10% of the planet’s human population viewing a music video. The kind of reception and reaction this song has received, since its release last November, can only be described as overwhelming record-breaking.

Many people have come up with their own twists to the song and its video, from dads taking on it with their kids to epic graduation ceremonies. This hit song is just so addictive!

And it’s not just “other people” that have had their minds blown by this song. Even cops and firemen are now in this great mix!

In this video, you have the firemen and cops from Rock County, WI, doing their thing with the song, and it’s bound to steal your passion!

Watch the moves they bring to the dance. These guys have some real energy. You just can’t help but admire how they pull this off.

At the 1:09 mark, something cool happens, and you can’t miss that.

Watch this video of the brave cops and first responders. You’ll laugh your lungs out. Let’s know what you think of it in the comment section. Please remember to SHARE it on Facebook.

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