Courageous Man Walks Up To A Lion, The Animal’s Reaction? My Heart Almost Skipped A Beat!

Any cat person will agree that those little creatures can really fall in love with humans. If a cat loves you, there’s nothing in this world that can break that bond. Well, it turns out that the same goes with the cat’s larger cousins too!

The video here was captured in Botswana (Africa) and aired on Caters TV. In it, you see these two cool guys approach a lion and go on to participate in what has since attracted millions of people to watch the video. You just want to see this right now!

Mikkel Legarth and Valentin Gruenner are two people who can forge an unbreakable bond with a big cat like the 100-lb Sirga the lioness. Ever since they rescued her, Sirga has grown to love these humans dearly, and to think that she would hurt them in any way is a misguided opinion. Just watch her jump at them and dish out hugs and cute play moves.  It’s unbelievable!

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