“Cover Up Your Dress,” Teacher Orders Student. You Can’t Stand The Outcome!

Tiffani was more than excited to be able to go to prom in an amazing dress.  She had planned on buying her prom gown for a while, knowing it was going to be one of the best memorable events in her life. However, that was not going to be, when she got to school, her teacher gave her one look and told her something that left her in tears. The kind of bullying she got from her teacher was the kind you would expect someone to get from fellow students.

This is what the teacher said, “We Big girls have to cover up.” According to the teacher, she was showing too much cleavage. She then went ahead to force her to wear the vice-principle’s jacket all night long. Remember that this jacket did not actually cover her cleavage. She could not take it; she went into the girls’ bathroom and broke down to tears. A friend decided to do something about it, she shared what Tiffany had decided to wear to prom and the post went viral with 40,000 likes and 11,000 shares.

There is no prom dress policy that warranted this kind of humiliation. Do you think she deserved this humiliation? Post your comments below.

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