Cruiser’s Cameras Capture A Narrow Escape Of Two Kayakers From An Imminent Danger!

If there are some people who are really lucky, the following kayakers are one of them. While on an adventure in the sea at Moss Landing, California, they were lucky to get very near to the whales.

Even though it was not all that thrilling to find whales in that place, but according to the Go Whales, these Humpback Whales come to the Californian coast for feeding and for summer after being in the Mexico waters for the mating and calving purposes. The Sanctuary Cruises were there at the right season of whale watching and got this wonderful moment

In fact, the Sanctuary Cruises captain had to write down at the captain’s log that the pair of kayakers were very lucky to have been alive. Although the scene passed in some seconds, the cameras were able to capture them. The captain commented that the two kayakers were about to be killed by the Humpback whale, which was about 40 tons. For the captain, he considers the scene to be one of the risky ones that he has ever set his eyes on.

This would have been a very grave scene, as what you will see is a deep hole that the kayakers would have gotten into. But from the way things resulted for them, they will live to recall this moment.

The fact is that these whales are very strong and powerful, but they are usually don’t attack human beings, and if they do, the majority of them are those ones in huge boats not In kayaks.

It is really a miracle for these two kayakers when they plunged into the hole and managed to come out again!

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