Dad And Daughter Are On A Mission, What They Do Is Priceless… WOW!

There is that special bond that exists between dads and their daughters, and I believe you must have come across a number of incidents showing that.

While I thought I had seen enough of such bonds, another priceless moment came up which I considered worth to share with you. In the video below, we will be watching “Chandelier”, a hit song performed by Sia on Dancing With The Stars. But what catches the eye is when Inès (who is 4-years-old) and her father Loic appear and start imitating what the dancers in the clip are doing. They appear well prepared for the occasion since father and daughter are in a similar attire to those of the dancers. It is evident that this family has been practicing this for quite some time and set up a similar stage like the one in the original clip. It is obvious that they are happy with whatever they are doing since they keep on smiling and they exhibit their dancing moves.

Though this is a short clip that takes two minutes, it emphasizes on the importance of taking some time and having fun with those we love. The little girl must be so lucky to be having such a wonderful father!

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