Dad Blows Out The Candles, And Then This Happens… Unexpectedly Cute!

Sometimes you watch little kids at their “work” and you wonder what goes on in those little skulls. This one here is a perfect example, and it’s funnier than anything you can imagine!

So it happens that this couple, Buzz and his lovely wife, is throwing a birthday party for their quintuplets. A cake is brought and candles readied. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the great festivity, but then there’s something these adults don’t know about their babies!

Mom decides to capture the memorable event on camera. She sings “happy birthday” to the 5 little happy humans, and then it happens. Normally, after the song, the candles are blown out. However, one of these kids doesn’t like quiet the idea. When dad blows out the candles, she burst into tears!

Well, it looks like she’s not the only one protesting against the sudden disappearance of the flames. The kid next to her also joins in the crying chorus. These kids aren’t in the mood for making any wishes. This is getting funny!

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