Dad Decides To Commemorate His First Experience Of Fatherhood, His Style Is So Creative!

Back in December 6, 2014, baby Jack was welcomed by Priscilla and Eric. Like any new parent out there, it was heartbreaking for Priscilla to leave her baby at home even for a few hours. So when she returned to work 6 weeks after, Eric took the responsibility of taking care of baby Jack. He wanted Priscilla to be updated with Jack’s state and thus decided to do something to make it possible.

That is when Eric decided to create “dubsmash” clips which features everything he did with the baby while at home. They covered everything from when he wakes the baby to sleep. Feeds him and all the ordinary moments they spend together. Eric did everything to make the bond between him and the baby to become strong and all made mom to smile as she watched it.

The clips below were compiled by Eric back in 2015, and they cover features songs from Disney’s “Aladdin” to those done by Justin Timberlake. You must also know that Priscilla was happy with the adorable video updates she received.

Watch Eric’s clip and you will understand why it has gone viral. Is there any better way to honor the first experience of fatherhood other than this? While being interviewed by, Eric said he loved everything and it provided him with the best platform of bonding with the baby.

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