Dad Has A Message For Parents Who Use The Internet To Embarrass Their Kids!

It is becoming increasingly common for parents to go online with embracing clips of their children as a way to punish them. The power and speed of the internet, specifically social media has made it quite unbearable for the kids to watch as their parents tear their private lives apart.

This was the case when one of the parents decided to humiliate his kid who was bullying other children in school. Other parents have resorted to shaving their children, leaving them completely bald. This has led to painful life experiences for these kids.

Some parents believe this method is effective and very creative. Others believe embarrassing children on the internet is going over the line. The dad in this video belongs to the latter group. That is why he decided to make this message that instantly went viral.

The video posted by Wayne form Florida has been viewed by over 1 million viewers. He believes the success has something to do with love. He says that people are looking for an authentic show of love from fathers to their children.

Watch as he is about to punish his son. Then he does something amazing. Please take a moment and watch and remember to SHARE it with friends as well!

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