Dad Involves A Newborn To Write A Surprise Message To The Unsuspecting Wife – So Thrilling!

In November 2014, Everly was turning one day old. She had no clue what her dad, Chad, was planning to do to her to set up her mom, Lauren, for the surprise of a lifetime. He must have taken his time to come up with such a great idea! Carrying out this was not going to be easy and would involve a number of people. Will he succeed in his plan without the mom guessing?

The dad’s clever plan of writing his surprise on Everly’s adorable onesie was crafted with the involvement of some family members and even some nurses at that hospital while the mom was completely kept in the dark!

The surprise was set rolling when Lauren’s cousin gave the baby back to its mom saying, ‘I think Everly’s got a dirty diaper’. What the mom saw left her stunned! You should see the expression on her face. This is the type of prank that you feel you could have burst out laughing if you were there and spoil the fun just looking at everyone pretending to know nothing.

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