Dad Is Surprised When His Family Hands Him A 21-Years-Old Surprise. Touching!

We all have that one possession that is dear to us. Mostly, it is not how valuable it is to other people, but because of our own attachment to it. Such was the case with the dad in the video below. When he was 16 years old, he bought a Ford Sedan and restored it fully. He used all he had as a young person. That car therefore had a greater sentimental value to him than to anybody else. Several years later after he had started a family, he had to cater for his daughter’s school fees. His financial circumstances forced him to sell this car so that he could take his daughter to college.

Everybody in the family knew what a great sacrifice he had made to part with the car. He also used to talk about it a lot. He said that if he could get it again, he would buy it for sure. So when Stephanie graduated and was in a position to get help to buy the car, she and her siblings, along with mom started a plan to get back the car.

Please watch and SHARE the dad’s reaction when he sees the car again, and how the family is thankful to God.


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