Dad Was Kissing Mom While The Baby Was Watching. How The Baby Reacts? Hysterical!

Babies are the best beings on earth. Their adorable faces and innocent ways have always brought a smile on our faces. It’s just cute to see how babies smile at simple and random things. I am sure anyone would just fall for their gestures as well as their loving eyes. The natural curiosity within their world is just fascinating to the point that one would just wish to be a baby once more.

Kids teach us quite a number of things. For example, kids will never stop asking for what they want until you give them. I totally agree with this, especially for the fact that one of my preferred authors, Paulo Coelho has elaborated more about it. Children will teach an adult to be happy without a particular reason, to demand for something they want and to be busy doing something.

As usual, a child will always seek for attention from the people around him, particularly his parents. This pretty young boy is just a perfect example of what the kids do. He appears to be competing with his father and it is as if this boy does not want his dad to kiss his mom.

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