Dads Asks Family To Take A Photo, Then Someone Unexpected Emerges From The Back Seat

The Richter family was bundled in their minivan. It was the long spring break, and they were planning to have some fun. Unknown to them, their father had a surprise for them.

A family photo marks the beginning of any family photo.  Eric, their dad, holds up the phone and asks the other family members to smile. The others lean in and say “cheese.”

Well, Dad was recording, and not taking a photo as the family anticipated. One of the daughters ‘pointed out a supposed blunder. Eric acted surprised.

A dark-hooded man appeared from the back of the van. He was grinning like a cat as he tried to work his head on the family photo. Then Dad asks one of the daughters to tilt a little to the right when the girl makes a stunning realization. Dad’s cue was meant to call the attention of the hooded man.

The hooded man was Rowan Richter, a U.S Marine Lance Cpl. He had told his family he would not make it home. Richter’s mom could not stop screaming when she discovered her son was home.

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