Dancing Farmer Breaks The Internet With His Moves – A Must Watch!

Over time, country guys have shocked us with the kind of talent that they possess and if you have been missing such performances, then today you will be lucky to watch one. You are meeting one country guy who has got some crazy dance moves.

Jay Lavery is a farmer who owns a farm in Sharon Springs in New York. Even as Jay works hard to maintain his farm, a little dancing brightens his day.

Jay is cleaning his barn, and he hears Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” playing. He puts his tools away and breaks into a dance. According to Jay, dancing is therapeutic and fun.

Dancing keeps Jay warm as he works in the barn. Jay suffered a traumatic back injury about 15 years ago. He has undergone several surgeries, spinal fusion, and discectomy. Back pains are never-ending.

Meditation, yoga, and dancing keep the pain at bay. Jay hopes his story and dancing will inspire someone.

Jay enjoys doing silly things and sharing them on Facebook. He was surprised when his dancing video went viral.

Before Jay became a farmer, he was a flight attendant in New York, stand-up comedian, and translator. It appears the country life suits him too.

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