Dancing Is An Art, But How Do You Call This? Absolutely Incredible!

I have to begin by saying that I am not shy when it comes to dancing. Though there are those who will like to watch me dance, there exists some who will consider my arm flailing and gyrating an insult to the dancing art. We know we dance to express ourselves, but still we there is that technical component that the art of dancing requires.

That technical aspect is what makes my technical dancing skills wanting, although I can make a case with the expressive part of dancing. But to be considered a dancing pro, you have the right balance between the two so as to entertain your viewers. That is what Senea Booth and Nicolas Besnard have managed to do. Most people know the duo as MainTenanT, and you can easily understand why they are loved by many once you watch them perform. Formerly, Senea and Nicolas used to be part of the Cirque du Soleil artists and their performance totally shows that.

I have watched their dancing several times and I don’t see whether I get enough of it any time soon. Surely, that is what we call being talented as a dancer.

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