Daughter Joins Her Dad In Singing ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ And It’s Already Going Viral..

When they hit us with their first video, Kris and his daughter Dayla Jones became instant internet sensations. Turns out, they haven’t quite made up their minds to “retire” from this cute business of making people fall in love with their organized vocal performances. This time around, they’re taking us all!

Is blue you color? Well, according to these two family members, “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” It’s not about the song, but rather just how well the two talented singers take on it. To make things even more fun, they’re set in a car. This is awesome!

Watch as father and daughter take on this loved hit and do it the justice that it deserves. By the end of this video, you’ll be itching to replay and join them in the fun. Just look at them. They’re having quite a great time here!

From what you get here, it’s hard not to agree that these people are surely talented. Those vocals are on point. You can’t miss this.

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