Dead Shark Had 34 Babies In It, And People Aren’t Happy About It. Watch This!

Something really shocking happened in Destin, Florida, and now people are talking.

There was a fishing expedition, and then one of the fishermen caught a huge hammerhead shark. The marine creature was a whopping 13-foot in length!

But it’s not the 13 part that people are talking about. See, this shark was really huge, but no one expected to find what they found when they cut it up. Brace for this, because this will likely give you an eyesore!

When they caught the mighty shark, named “Phoenix,” the creature dragged behind them till it died. They pulled it up and into the shark deck, cut it up, and then everyone gasped. Reason? The shark had about 34 little sharks in it. Phoenix was pregnant, and her death isn’t going down so well with some people – especially considering that some species of this type of fish are endangered.

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