Deaf Baby Learns The Normal Language… Please Don’t Shed A Tear!

Children are gifts from God and they are the joy of all parents. Giving birth to a kid who will never hear your voice or talk back to you is very heartbreaking, but when God intervenes all goes well.

Baby Elijah Cook lost his hearing immediately he was born. The doctors told his parents that they would try all they can to make sure the newborn gains his hearing back. The doctors carried three different tests on the baby but all had the same results, hearing was not possible for the little angel. The parents knew that this condition was possible in the family but they never gave up on their son, they hoped he would soon start hearing.

Baby cook was referred to a specialist center in Minnesota. Ahavan Cook knew that the specialist were trained and skilled as she had contracted them before. Johnson, a specialist at the center was able to find the hearing aids that would fit the 9-weeks baby. He could finally hear everything.

The hearing aids have helped baby Cook to learn how to smile, laugh and respond to what the Cooks tell him.

Early detection of a problem makes it easy to find the right solution. You need to make sure you visit your doctor regularly for checkups.

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