Deaf Sisters Take A Photo At Disney Parks. Then Minnie Mouse Does Something… So Touching!

I’m sure that everyone wishes to have that chance of visiting Disney World to see all it has, including the magical tales that are heard, the characters and many others. In the video below, we meet a little girl by the name of Shaylee Mansfield, having that experience but in a different perspective. Shaylee together with her two parents are deaf. When the parents were growing up, they were brought up in a different environment to Shaylee’s one. For them, everything was difficult when growing up. For instance, her mom never dreamt of someone understanding the sign language so that they can communicate while as for Shaylee, she is in a school where they use signs for communication and get to understand each other very well. But when she is out of the school compound, Shaylee feels that she is the odd one out because very few people are familiar with the sign language.

She and her parents visited the Disney Parks. Shaylee and her little sister took a photo with Minnie Mouse. When the photo selection was to be done, Shaylee and her sister were surprised when Minnie Mouse uses the sign language to communicate. This makes Shaylee to feel accepted and not the odd one in the society

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