Deer Reacts In A Funny Manner When Presented With A Ball By His Owners. Hilarious!

I love the animal world, be it domestic or the wild one. This is because they are really very interesting whenever you get the chance of encountering them. Research has concluded that by watching them, your body and mind gets relaxed which is a stress remover. In the video below, you will clearly understand why.

The clip features a deer and its owner. The human mom invites the deer to play some football. As with every athlete, you can’t play without warming up the body, so the deer takes a few rounds running before settling down for a real play. Upon being called the second time to get the ball, he nears it but starts to jump around. Maybe the owners have not realized that apart from being a footballer, the deer can do very well in high jump.

It’s actually very interesting to watch the deer and how it behaves. When excited, these creatures get very scary (even though that is their nature), and they interpret anything before them to be a threat. Actually, they are ever suspicious of the place they are found in, a mechanism of keeping them alert from the possible predators.

Watch the clip below and tell us if this deer is having fun or he is shocked. Please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook to make their day too!


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