Despite Being Born With A Severe Condition, This Kid Never Stops Smiling!

Evan was born with a serious skin condition called harlequin ichthyosis that makes his skin grow faster than a normal skin does. Since his skin grows ten times faster than normal skin, it puts him at risk of getting infected. Normal skin forms a thin slightly dry layer that keeps the internal organs from being infected. However, if the skin itself grows thicker, the added layers will harbor bacteria which will cause infections and make sores to break all over the body. To make sure that does not happen, the boy’s parents have to bath him twice a day and scrub off his extra layer of skin.

It is not an easy thing for him to live with, but all the same he takes it with a smile. His schoolmates are also very supportive and he enjoys their company. Before he was born, his parents were not aware of the disease’s existence. The condition was diagnosed before he was born and after he was born, he had to spend some time in the incubator to avoid getting an infection. Have you ever come across a person struggling with the same condition?

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