Disturbed With The Mysterious Happenings, She Secretly Set Up A Camera. What She Captured? OMG!

There are those times when you feel the stage is set for something special. No one has ever understood where such strange feelings come from but they are a reality. One woman was faced with the same situation when she noticed that food could mysteriously disappear from the kitchen counter. When that happened, she could find some half-chewed remnants within her house. At the same time, her two beagles could not be located and the house could appear strangely quiet while they have disappeared.

The woman was disturbed with the happenings and decided to do something. She decided to secretly set a camera on her kitchen counter. The recording captured something that was not far away from what she was suspecting. This shows that a little teamwork can surely do wonders. You have to watch this video to learn how it all went and how she solved the mystery.

Ever experienced similar strange disappearances within your home or are you aware of someone who has experienced the same happenings? You may end up solving your puzzle or someone’s mystery if you watch and SHARE this video! 

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