Do This If A Thief Kept On Stealing Off Your Desk While At Work. Amazing!

One employee noted something mysterious that kept on happening; his snacks and fruits could strangely disappear from his desk. That is when he decided to set up a hidden camera to assist him solve the puzzle.

That was back in 2012 and “Searchforliveful,” a YouTube user is the one who came up with the plan. She had suffered for a whole month and decided his computer screen’s top was the best place to place the small webcam.

Within a short time, he had known the person who was stealing from his desk. So he decided the make the whole issue more interesting.

He came up with a new screensaver for his computer and made sure every person who walked near his desk would notice it. The message said that he was aware of the thief’s identity and would report the person if the he/she never stopped. It was interesting to see the confused and surprised reactions that he got.

After some time, the thief became aware of the of his message. You have to watch the clip below to witness how she reacted.

You will understand why this clip has gone viral and has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

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