Do We Line For Jesus The Same Way We Do It For Santa? You Should Consider This!

During the Christmas season in many parts around the world, it is very common to see figures of old men in red and white in many public places. There are always people around them and most of the time a queue of kids and their parents waiting for a chance with Santa and even a chance to get a gift.

The season’s tradition is to remember the birth of Jesus. It is therefore very curious than then, Santa is visible everywhere, but we can’t say the same of Jesus.

It is for this reason that a Pro singer by the name of Beckey Kelley sang the song ‘Where is the line to see Jesus?’ in a song she released in December 2010. She sang it for people to start really thinking about the reason for the Christmas season. This got many people’s attention and the song ended up being a success in the US, Australia and even in Iceland.

The lyrics of the song and the message it carried makes it a worthy song to listen to and you can watch it in the video below. What do you think of the message?

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