Do You Believe People Can Judge Others With This? Watch This One Out!

It’s really bad when people judge others by their appearance. I consider this as discrimination and don’t like it at all. If people ought to judge others, they should actually do it based on their actions. We know that there are only two kinds of people in this world: people who do good things and those who do bad things.

If you do not think that there are some individuals who judge people by their appearance, then you need to watch this clip. In this clip, Model Pranksters came up with a study about the effect of appearance on the way some individuals treat others.

This clip shows different circumstances where a man on crutches had dressed like a professional while the other man was dressed like a vagrant. We see people assisting the well-dressed man in crutches after he had fallen down. On the other hand, when the poorly dressed man in crutches fell down, none came to his aid that fast. This is very unfair and unacceptable. People were looking at him as he tried to get back to his feet. Fortunately there was a man who showed up to help him. I wish I knew this man personally. He showed a lot of concern to the poorly dressed man.

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