Do You Frequently Use Your Webcam? You’re In Trouble! This Is Why…

Not long ago, the processing power of the computers we own today was all science fiction and something from the dreams. Such power was thought to be only accessible and usable by government machinery. Super processors and heavy duty hard drives could not be thought accessible by normal, regular humans. Now the tide has turned, and this kind of technology is not only owned, but can be carried around by anyone. But there’s one technological feature that has stolen the show: the webcam. You need to see this video!

This video was availed as a PSA  just to let people realize the possibilities, extent, and dangers of hacking into webcams. Yes, it’s possible for someone to watch your every little thing or move you make in your house through your own webcam, and that’s really upsetting. It makes you feel like a tired cockroach on a white wall. You might want to know just how it could happen. Well, all a hacker needs is for you to click open an infected email attachment, and you’re on their creepy radar. Maybe you never thought of this, and now you might want to be more aware of your online security. Pour your thoughts out in the comments box, and also SHARE on Facebook and let your friends know the risks of ignoring their computer safety.

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