Doctor Fulfills The Dying Patient’s Wish… This Is So Touching!

Terry Lee’s days of living on this earth are numbered since she is of 70 years and unfortunately has a deadly sickness. She used to be a horseback rider, back in the days and before dying, her wish was to just see a horse one more time. Since she is a lonely woman with no family and with numbered days, Elizabeth Mann, her personal doctor specialized in Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, and works at Sinai Health System, saw it wise to fulfil her dying wish.

When asked, Mann said that Terry was really serious of wanting to see a horse again before she dies, and that she was looking into that to make sure that a horse was taken to the room where she is hospitalized.

Mann applied to Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, requesting for a horse and surprisingly enough she was never denied to be given a horse by the name of Magic.

Revealing, Mann said that as doctors, there are things that they cannot be able to put them again in order as they once were but they can offer their patients some moments of joy.

The mission of horses like Magic are to perform therapy on more than 45,000 children and adults who are admitted in hospitals, and for those who once underwent stressful conditions. It was the very same horse; Magic, of 8 years that was taken to the students at Sandy School Elementary when the shootings occurred, and also took part after the deadly tornadoes passed in Moore Oklahoma.

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