Doctor Walks Into The Classroom To See His Patient 15 Years Later. The Reaction? It’s So Emotional!

It was a must for Ashley to have a liver transplant while a little baby because he was born with congenital cirrhosis of the liver. Nearly his whole life as a toddler was spent in a hospital ward, with tubes and cords on her body. It was until 15 years later when she was at a college when her classmates knew of her infant life. It all happened in a creative writing class when she drafted a letter to Dr. Robert Goldstein, a surgeon who helped her from dying. Actually, if it were not for the operation that was carried out by Dr. Robert Goldstein and the donation of the kidney by her mother, she would have only lived a couple of months.

Upon hearing of the letter that Ashley wrote, Dr. Goldstein had to drive for two hours to come and see Ashley. They were able to reunite after 15 years. Confessing, Ashley said that most children with the same condition never survive, a reason to be thankful for those who had done the impossible to see her alive.

What an emotional moment when Dr. Goldstein gets into the classroom carrying a bouquet of flowers for Ashley!

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