Doctors Advised Her To Seek For An Abortion. What Happened Next Was A True Miracle!

Rosemarie Siggins is probably the smallest mom ever. She stands at only 2feet and 6 inches tall. Despite that being the case, she is a real inspiration to those who think they are struggling in life and at the same time a real medical miracle.

This mother is a victim of sacral agenisis and when she was 2 years of age, her body’s lower half was removed. From a young age, she has always used a skateboard to move around since she was not comfortable while using prosthetic legs.  While being interviewed by the Closer Magazine, she revealed that she feels free when using the skateboard as opposed to the prosthetic legs which make her feel trapped.

While growing up, she feared she might not end up having a family of her own since she thought she might fail to get someone to love her. But, she finally met Dave Siggins. Rosemarie was an auto mechanic by profession and had met Dave at one auto spares shop which she regularly visited.

It did not take long before the two fell in love and got married. Even though doctors discouraged her from having a child and even advised her to seek for an abortion when she got pregnant, she never listened. At the moment, Rose has two children who are healthy, Shelby and Luke. Her kids are proud to have the shortest mom and love her so much.

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