Doctors Claimed That This Veteran Could Never Walk Without Crutches, What Happened Later? Wonderful!

Many veterans face a lot of problems whenever they return from the service. They could be suffering from terminal injuries which leave them disabled for their lifetime or some could be suffering from post-traumatic stress conditions.

In this video, we meet Arthur Boorman a former veteran and paratrooper of the armed forces. This guy suffered from knee and back injuries and as a result, he ended up using walking aids like wheelchairs for movement. The doctors did everything they could to change the situation of Arthur but nothing turned out to be fruitful and eventually the doctors gave up since they had tried everything. This guy was forced to accept the situation at hand.

Luckily, he was not the type of guy who would give easily and he went for the DDP Yoga program to help him recover from his condition. All he ever wanted was to get back to his feet. With the aid of Yoga program, he successfully managed to get back to his feet. What a wonderful thing! Watch this video to see how it all went down.

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