Doctors Said She Had A Few Days To Live, But Then They Got Surprised. Wow!

When Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley was born in February 2003, everyone was shocked. The baby weighed just about 2.5 pounds. She was so little that the hospital staff even got a nickname for her: Thumbelina!

Kenadie was born with a rare condition. Primordial dwarfism only affects about 100 people worldwide. It’s a really dangerous condition that can affect the respiratory and digestive system and also cause massive brain damage to the newborn. In fact, even the doctors had lost hope on her survival!

The parents were informed that they would only have a few days to spend with their little newborn before she passed away, so they rushed to have her baptized right away. Kenadie was baptized on her birthday!

However, things took another turn. Hours passed, days passed, months, years. The baby was still alive. Although she was still little, she lived on 13 years into her life, Kenadie is still going strong and breathing on this planet. Even the doctors are still dumbfounded about this. This one is truly chosen!

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