A Dolphin Recorded On Camera As It Gives Birth At An Aquarium – It’s A Rare Moment!

Kartrl, a white-sided 28-year-old Pacific dolphin gave birth to a calf after undergoing three hours of labor. This happened in Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.

In this video that Sam Cejtin, a videographer of the Shedd Aquarium recorded, the calf’s tail is seen popping out first. The baby’s first breath is also captured as well.  This whole video is an incredible moment which you will love to watch again and again.

The calf was born weighing only 25 pounds and about 3 feet long, and moments later bonded with Karl. Unlike most first time animal mothers that do not know how to take care of little ones, mama dolphin knew what exactly had to be done.

Takari said that they were more than impressed with mother Katrl job of taking care of her new born. She was showing signs of protectiveness by steering the calf from the edges of habitat and guiding it to swim in a way that conserves energy reserves.

Take a moment to watch the first minutes of this wonderful moment of nature – it is okay, it isn’t too graphic!

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