Each Day, This Toddler Takes 3 Minutes To Scream An Incredible Message To His Dad – Heartwarming!

Not all the time you watch a video and find something adorable like this. A father-son bond is hard to compare with anything else!

Carlton is the name of the little boy who has a wonderful drill you are meeting below. He always does something special whenever he sees his father leaving for work – and it has turned out to be his daily routine of seeing off his Dad. The toddler takes 3 minutes to shout “I love you, Daddy!” While doing that, he stands at the driveway wearing just a diaper. Dad has also got used to it can can’t leave without requesting for the bye byes.

Mom has got used to watching the bittersweet moment and on this day she took her video camera and recorded everything and decided to share with us.

Every dad in this world will love to have such an encounter with his kid – and that explains why this clip has gone viral and became popular among many viewers on social media within a short time. The encounter means the two dearly love each other and miss each other whenever they separate.

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