Elderly Couple Burn The Dance Floor With An Explosive Routine. I’m Replaying This!

If you’ve ever witnessed an elder “shake it,” count yourself lucky. I mean, not many older people actually get to work stuff on the dance floor, so most of them prefer to stay away from that space. If they want to move to a beat, they chose the less rigorous ones.

But for this couple, dancing is the one thing they can’t live without. Nelia is 64, and her hubby, Dietmar Ehrentraut is 70, but they don’t plan to stop moving to beats any time soon. In fact, they’ve worn a few awards owing to their dancing prowess. On this day, they’re taking it a notch higher!

The clip captures what the couple did at a competition arranged in Bavaria. If you think old people can’t “break and shake it,” you are dead wrong. Watch as hubby and his lovely wife wow the audience with a performance that has since made the video break the internet. Now watch and wait for that moment when the two decided to “go it alone” without holding hands. I’m sold!

What a dance!

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