Ellen Degeneres Breaks Into Tears When Garth Brooks Sings “Mom” At The Show

Not long ago, Garth Brooks, a country singer, released his new song called “Mom,” while attending The Ellen Show. This was one of the moments that was termed “sentimental” as it brought tears to the viewers, including Ellen who had sat just opposite him, as proved by the camera that was set before the session started. The song was about a conversation that took place between God and a baby that was still unborn.

His fanatics have run nuts over the song that was released the past month alongside his latest album by the name “Man Against Machine.” This song might be really sentimental as Brooks himself wedges while singing it. While conversing with Ellen, Brooks told her that he was a Mommas kid and that the hit should have been released 100 years back.

After watching this full performance, I was able to feel the strong wave of emotion hitting me. This is because it makes you think of the thousands and thousands of mothers who face it rough in taking care of their babies. The song made me reach my phone and contacted my mom.

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